Have you started to get annoying blackheads? Want an easy way to get rid of them? Here is a step-by-step guide to do just that, and prevent them from coming back…

Top 5

    1. First, remove any make up you are wearing, otherwise you won’t get deep into the skin to remove the blackheads. In your skin there is likely to be dirt and make up and it is this that will cause breakouts and blackheads on your face. 2. Opt for wipes or a cleansing lotion to remove any makeup and dirt. Wipes are handy for when your in a rush, but a cleansing lotion is better for removing deep down dirt that can cause your pores to clog, creating blackheads. 3. The next step is to get rid of those blackheads! Deep cleansing strips always work really well at pulling out the dirt, immediately showing visible results. You can apply these to your nose, chin or forehead. 4. After you’ve cleansed your face or used cleansing strips, your pores will still be open but you don’t want this – you need to close them to stop any dirt or bacteria getting in. To do this, simply splash some cold water on your face a few times or wipe a soaked cotton pad of toner over your face. 5. Lastly, you need to moisturise your face well – your skin will have become dry from drawing out the nasty things so you want it to be silky smooth once more. Following these steps twice a week will show fab new skin!

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