Having a bad hair day, fed up with spots or do you just need help deciding what look to go for? Well, our brill fashion & beauty writer, Becci, is here to sort it out!

Bushy brows!

Q: My eyebrows have started to become quite thick and are beginning to meet in the middle. It is quite noticeable and I get a bit embarrassed about it. What is the best way to shape them?
Molly, Gillingham

A: Most people pluck their eyebrows, as it is the quickest and easiest way to control the shape and thickness of them. To do this you need some good tweezers – Models Own Slanted Tweezers, £6 are ideal as the slanted head allows you to precisely target the hairs and pull out even short ones. However, to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows, you may want to invest in Cosmopolitan Eyebrow Styling Kit, £7.99 – it contains stencils and tweezers, plus brow wax and shades to create beautifully defined brows.

Models Own Slanted Tweezers, £6 and Cosmopolitan Eyebrow Styling Kit, £7.99


Handy lip balm

Q: My lips are so dry at the moment, think it might be the change in the weather. What can you recommend I buy to help my lips feel nice 'and normal again?
Sarah, London

A: How about this fun 'n cute lip balm by Wall's Lipsmackers - they've added this Starship design to their wicked ice cream range. It looks retro cool and is deliciously fruity, plus it keeps your pout perfectly hydrated. Pop down to your local WHSmith and pick one up for just £2.50!

Wall's Lipsmacker Balm, £2.50


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